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What Causes Gum Inflammation And How Should It Be Treated?

The healthy gums are pink in color and are firm. If they are swollen and red, this is a sure sign of inflammation. The problem occurs in about 80% of the adult population at least once in a lifetime.

Inflammation of the gums occurs for several reasons, so it is crucial to recognize the cause. Inflammation, if not removed in time, can lead to serious complications. These are the most common causes of gingivitis.


Dental plaque is an ideal base for bacteria to develop and multiply. They damage tooth enamel and harm the gums. If not treated in time, this problem can lead to the development of periodontitis, during which so-called “pockets” appear in the gums. Harmful microorganisms then accumulate, so the infection spreads to the surrounding tissues.

Toxins accumulate in the pockets, leading to damage to the bones around the teeth, weak bones and connective tissue that the tooth holds in the jaw, and tooth loss can occur. For that reason, it is necessary to react quickly and start treatment on time.

Improper toothbrush / improper brushing

If you use a too-hard toothbrush that irritates the gums or brush your teeth with rough and quick movements, you can damage the soft and delicate tissue of the gums and cause their inflammation.

Therefore, pay special attention to the choice of toothbrushes and tend to use soft ones. Brush your teeth with gentle, smooth, circular movements that will gently remove plaque from the teeth and gently massage the gums. This way, you will not cause their irritation and inflammation.


In addition to these two causes, which are the most common, decline in the immune system, vitamin C deficiency, or smoking can also cause gingivitis. If you have a bad habit that can cause gingivitis, try to eliminate it. Take vitamin supplements to compensate for the lack of specific vitamins in the body that you cannot get through the diet.

Prevention and treatment of gingivitis

Treating inflamed gums is often a long process and requires commitment and a change in the harmful habits that led to it. It is crucial to improve oral hygiene, use appropriate soft toothbrushes that are gentle on the gums.

Also, use floss and interdental brushes to remove all food debris and prevent plaque and bacteria. This is how you will prevent possible inflammation.

Your dentist may also recommend, if necessary, the use of special mouthwashes that work to reduce the number of bacteria and alleviate inflammation if it already exists.

Help from nature

In addition to regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene to prevent this problem, if you notice that redness appears and your gums are sensitive, try green tea. It helps eliminate bacteria that form in the mouth. Sage tea, which has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as basil and, chamomile can be helpful.

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