By whitening our teeth, we can restore their natural tone or whiten them even more. Today, patients demand aesthetics, so cosmetic dentistry is actually an integral part of every dental branch.

There are various factors that cause teeth to lose their brightness, as well as many ways for their natural shade to return or for them to become even whiter than natural teeth.



Teeth whitening means removing various discolorations (pigmentation) that make the teeth darker. By whitening, your teeth become lighter by several shades, and in some cases completely white, depending on the patient’s wishes.


There are several factors that cause our teeth to become darker over time. Some of these factors are external (tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.). They create pigmentation on the surface of the tooth. They can be affected by regular dental hygiene, removal of dental tartar and plaque from the tooth surface by the dentist.
Internal factors originate from discolorations that are built into the tooth substance. Teeth can be darker due to the use of various medications, diseases that occurred in childhood, infections, trauma, or age. Professional teeth whitening has an effect on these factors.

Teeth whitening is not harmful to your teeth if it is performed by your dentist if he uses reliable whitening methods and uses preparations that are registered as safe and intended for that purpose. The only thing that will happen after the treatment is that you will be very happy with your new smile!

Teeth that are whitening must be healthy or in good condition, without any signs of disease or damage. In most cases, patients are prepared by removing tartar, polishing and sanding their teeth, replacing old worn-out fillings, or repairing decayed teeth.

There are several methods of teeth whitening: home whitening, office whitening with gels, lamps, laser, or a combination of them.

The best method for whitening your teeth will be determined by the dentist after the examination.

The most effective method of teeth whitening is the White Smile system, which combines dental office whitening with a lamp and home whitening. In addition to being very effective, this method also guarantees patients a high level of safety because low concentrations of bleach are used for a longer period of time, which do not act aggressively on the teeth. The effect is safe and long-lasting.


Dental office teeth whitening involves applying gel to their surface. The gel is then activated using a special UV lamp. At the Dental Oral Center, we use a White Light Flash lamp that does not heat up or damage the teeth. This procedure is 100% safe. Teeth whitening in this way makes teeth lighter by 2 to 6 shades. The procedure itself takes about 1 hour. Office whitening can also be combined with home bleaching for an even better effect. Home teeth whitening involves wearing special foils. Foils are made individually for each patient based on the tooth impression. A special tooth whitening gel is applied to the foils. Depending on the patient’s wishes, the dentist may recommend a gel for night or day use. With this method, the teeth whiten gradually. The patient can control the color of his teeth and decide when he wants to stop with the whitening. It usually takes 3 weeks for the full effect.