When it comes to the type of the crowns, dental crowns on implants do not differ from those that are regularly placed on the teeth. They can be metal-free, zirconia or metal-ceramic crowns. However, the choice of implant-crown connection significantly affects the longevity of the work itself.

At the Dental Oral Center, we chose occlusally screw-retained crowns. These are crowns that are fixed to the implant with a micro screw. Such crowns have several advantages. No cement is used. When the crowns on the implants are cemented, no matter how hard the dentist tries to remove the small part of the cement around the implant, it remains and creates an inflammation that may not be noticeable. This negatively affects the life of the implant.


The occlusally screwed crowns on the implants allow the dentist to remove them at each checkpoint, and then return them. Thus, the dentist has a direct insight into the condition of soft tissues and bones in the area of implants. In the unwanted situations, he can easily provide the necessary therapy.

Cemented crowns are impossible to remove and restore. They are definitely fixed to their supports (abutments). With cemented crowns, the control is performed by probing, the dentist does not have a direct insight about the tissues around the implants and cannot be 100% sure of their condition.