We can make crowns in just one day or even in a few hours, thanks to the SIRONA CAD-CAM system, and they will exceed all your expectations!



Unlike the application of standard dental methods, which require at least 4 visits to the dental office in a minimum period of 7 days, you will receive a metal-free crown in just one visit!

The whole case of making and installing a crown is solved in a few steps in less than an hour and a half, and you will receive top prosthetic restorations!


In order for our patients to be completely satisfied with their new smile, we considered several types of metal-free ceramics and decided for Ivoclar E-MAX metal-free ceramics based on lithium disilicate, unsurpassed aesthetic and physical properties.


CAD-CAM crowns and other restorations (inlays, onlays) ideally lie on the abutment tooth or implant tooth and with it actually form a whole without the presence of gaps, steps and rough transitions, which makes them ideal copies of natural teeth.

The CAD-CAM system enables the transfer of 3D impressions models to a computer, and then the modeling of new crowns on the computer. The crowns themselves are made on a special micro-lathe that guarantees the highest degree of precision.

All types of restorations are made of full ceramics – ceramic fillings, ceramic veneers or veneers, as well as crowns of full ceramics.

The advantages are to the mutual satisfaction of both the dentist and the patient. These are certainly the top precision at the micron level that is achieved through intraoral scanning, the comfortable method of taking a impression, as well as the speed of making restorations.

Top quality ceramic materials are used, which show great durability, mechanical resistance and have top aesthetic performance, which is the most important thing for patients.

No, using a 3D camera captures teeth and makes 3D models, thus avoiding traditional and uncomfortable taking an impression.

No, there is no food retention under the crown, there are no irritating factors, and maintaining hygiene is maximally facilitated. The result is a long-lasting and functional restoration, maximally pleasant for patients.

Less than 90 minutes pass from the moment the patient sits on the chair until the successful completion of the intervention!


First, 3 titanium posts are installed in order to strengthen the tooth and a composite upgrade is made as a support for the future crown.

Then, a metal-free E-MAX crown is made using the CAD-CAM technique. The teeth of the upper and lower jaw are recorded with the help of a 3D camera, on the basis of which the computer makes 3D models. When the models are ready, individual parameters are adjusted and the contact strength is adjusted. After completing the parameter setting, a 3D model of the future crown is created using the software, which, when is completed, sent via the network directly to the crown-making machine. In just 13 minutes the crown is done!

After confirming that the crown fits well on the tooth, the dental technician does characterization and technical processing of the crown, which achieves functionality and high aesthetics, as well as an ideal contact of teeth and crown.