The mobile prosthesis of the upper jaw, which caused the patient problems while eating, is now in the past, and Dolores is ready to fully enjoy the daily activities that were a real challenge until yesterday.

An insufficient amount of bone was not an obstacle for our patient to have zygomatic implants instead of prostheses in the upper jaw, while the All on 4 technique was the ideal solution for the lower jaw.

The best option for our patient (1982) was the parallel installation of 6 Nobel Biocare implants that guarantee stability, and thus represent the fastest solution to a new smile.

The Dental Oral Center polyclinic has been the clinic of choice for a large number of patients from our country and the world for years.

All on 6 technique is an exceptional concept that solves the problem of losing natural teeth in a simple, fast, and efficient way.

This incredible smile transformation was achieved by the outstanding doctors of the Dental Oral Center using the All On 6 implantology technique, thanks to which our patient got perfect fixed teeth in just 1 day…

The high quality of dental services and very affordable prices have made Belgrade a very desirable destination for dental tourism.

In this case despite all attempts to prevent the problem, the patient’s teeth continued to decay, the doctors of the Dental Oral Center offered new hope.

A familiar face greets you with a wide new smile! Thanks to the outstanding doctor, our dear patient’s smile was successfully rehabilitated using the innovative technique All on 4.

The patient overcame his fears and decided to get a new smile right in our polyclinic. The goal was achieved, in just 24 hours the patient (1963) got new teeth!

After the examination and consultation with the team of the Dental Oral Center, we chose the All on 4 technique and fullfilled all the wishes of our dear patient.

Although it seems impossible, after only 24 hours, in addition to a great smile, our patient was restored to full functionality when chewing and speaking!

Zygomatic hybrid All on 4 – once again we dedicated ourselves to solving a more complex problem that required strategic thinking and a combination of implants.

We overcame all obstacles, fears and worries and to our great satisfaction made Mrs. Ikica very happy. Thank you for your trust and for all the kind words!

Patient Vasil got new non-removable teeth in 24 hours with the help of the All on 4 technique! The duration of surgery was only 1 hour.

Dr. Milosevic on extreme pulling of the bone on the lower jaw. There is a solution for the patient after 25 years of pain and discomfort!

The patient wore a partial denture for many years. We solved the case by applying the All on 4 technique, which completely restored Ms. Skakić’s function and aesthetics!

Patient: Grace from Germany. Procedure: side implants and a zirconium crown teeth compensation.

You can see the patient’s experience with implant compensation of 3 missing teeth.

After breast cancer and chemotherapy, the patient lost her teeth. They were compensated with implants and a fixed full-arch of the non-removable teeth.

Thanks to Nobel Biocare implants and the All On 4 system, which the doctors of our center have been successfully carrying out for years, the patient got a new smile in just 24 hours and was able to return to his daily activities on the same day.

Thanks to All on 4 technique and the highest quality implants from Nobel Biocare, we managed to bring another smile to perfection.

A perfect new smile in just 24 hours! It is possible thanks to the innovative All on 4 concept and our experienced team!

Innovative implantology technique All on 4 quickly and easily relieves you of the necessity of wearing uncomfortable dental prostheses.

While waiting for the creation of the definitive prosthetic work, our patient shares his impressions after the successfully completed prosthetic rehabilitation of the upper jaw using the hybrid zygoma concept.

Periodontology and early loss of natural teeth did not prevent successful rehabilitation this time either. Thanks to the wide possibilities offered by the zygomatic concept, even the most challenging cases get a long-desired chance for a new smile!

The All on 4 procedure is intended for patients who are condemned to extract all their teeth, patients who wear total dentures and have a limited amount of bone, i.e. not enough bone. Only one surgical intervention is performed and within 24 hours our patients get new fixed teeth.

At the Dental Oral Center, we use the highest quality material currently available on the market and a protocol certified by NobelBiocare, the world leader in the field of implantology!

With our friendly doctors, the patient easily overcame his great fear of the dentist and now enjoys his new smile 24 hours after the intervention!

Thanks to the incredible All on 4 concept, our patient received fixed teeth that meet the highest aesthetic standards in less than 24 hours!

The All on 4 concept has once again shown its supremacy, as evidenced by the outstanding results that you have the opportunity to watch in the video in front of you.

The exceptional level of professionalism and competence is only one of the reasons why the Dental Oral Centar is the place of first choice when it comes to providing quality dental services.

The protocol and quality of NobelBiocare implants enable the application of minimally invasive therapeutic procedures to solve the most complex cases of toothlessness!

Patients have the opportunity to enjoy their functionality immediately after the intervention, as our dear patient testifies.

Considering the condition of old implants, and the significant bone retraction that occurred in previous years, the technique of zygomatic implant was the only possible solution in the case of our patient.

By using longer and stronger implants that are embedded in the zygomatic bone, stable and precise fixation of the bridge is possible already 24 hours after the intervention!

As Dr. Miloš Milošević, specialist in oral surgery and implantologist, says, “the least invasive is the best”, and the technology behind this method enables exactly that.

By applying the All On 6 concept, a complete rehabilitation of the smile was carried out in just one day.

When conventional implantology methods have no solution, the technique of zygomatic implants restores hope to patients.

At the Dental Oral Center, we strive to maintain the recognizable quality of our work and provide the most comfortable and fast treatment possible.

Consistently taking care of the high quality of services and materials we use in our work, we aim to create flawless results that restore our patients’ self-confidence and impaired comfort!


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