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Patient: Grace from Germany. Procedure: side implants and a zirconium crown teeth compensation.

You can see the patient’s experience with implant compensation of 3 missing teeth.

After breast cancer and chemotherapy, the patient lost her teeth. They were compensated with implants and a fixed full-arch of the non-removable teeth.


Our long-term patient, well-known media host – Jovan Memedović, decided to put on fixed braces. Here you can see his impressions.

Dr Ivan Arsić speaks about the age limit for wearing fixed braces. It’s not too late, even if you’re 40 years old. Learn more about it in the video.

Dr Ivan Arsić speaks about the types of fixed braces – visible and invisible. Learn more about how long it takes to wear braces in the featured video.

Dr Ivan Arsić speaks about the best age and the earliest age for children to wear braces. You can learn more about it in the video.


We are breaking the myth of ceramic veneers. You can see why ceramic veneers are the perfect solution in terms of hardness in the featuring video.

In the video, you can learn more about the procedure of making ceramic facets-veneers without an impression using CAD-CAM technology.

Dr Miloš Milošević on ceramic veneers. In the video, you can see our patient Stevan and learn more about before and after making the veneers.

Dr Snežana Vukašinović explains the difference between ceramic and metal-ceramic crowns.

Dr. Miloš Milošević on CAD-CAM crowns in a day. Here you can see walk thorough of the procedure.


Dr Snežana Vukašinović answers whether teeth whitening is harmful and what to expect after the procedure.