Tooth extraction is its removal from the tooth cups, ie. from the jaw. It is the last solution that is resorted to only when there are no other options to keep the tooth. The reasons for tooth extraction are numerous.


There are several reasons for tooth extraction. One of them may be advanced caries, or an abscess at the top of the root that goes beyond treatment. The reasons can also be orthodontic, when there is no place in the jaw to accommodate all the teeth. Impacted teeth, most commonly wisdom teeth, are extracted because they push or endanger other teeth or create painful inflammation around them.

Moderate pain after a simple tooth extraction is a normal occurrence. In such situations, analgesics (Brufen, Nimulid) are helpful. Acetylsalicylic acid-based analgesics should be avoided because they increase bleeding. In case of severe pain, it is very likely that alveolitis has occurred, ie. extraction wound infection. This is a minor complication, but you still need to contact your dentist for remediation.

Once the tooth is extracted, the bleeding should stop after 10 to 15 minutes. In case the patient is on more serious anticoagulant therapy (drugs against blood clotting), certain laboratory analyzes need to be done before the tooth is extracted. It is also necessary to consult the doctor who prescribed the therapy for possible correction, in order to prevent prolonged bleeding.

NO! The role of clotted blood in an empty dental cup is to protect the wound from infection. Flushing the blood from the wound leads to the penetration of bacteria and the appearance of alveolitis. The wound should not be rinsed after tooth extraction.

The usual time for the wound to heal after tooth extraction is 2 weeks. At some point, whitish deposits will appear. It is about the production of fibrin, which is a completely normal and expected phenomenon, and not as many think pus.

After tooth extraction, it is necessary to eat chilled and cold food for 24 hours. Consumption of hot food is absolutely forbidden. Ice cream is a great choice.