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Your nose tip is the focal point of your face that impacts the symmetry of your facial proportions. Patients seeking nasal tip rhinoplasty often have no issues with the aesthetics of the rest of their noses and desire only subtle changes.


Nasal tip plasty is the most common facial plastic surgery procedure. In addition to the bones of the nose, there are the nasal cartilages made up of a flexible material that can be partly removed or reshaped.


Before the surgery itself, going to an MD’s consultation is necessary. Thanks to a thorough conversation with an expert, the goal of the operation is determined. Often the patient is not aware of which shape of the tip of the nose would best suit the anatomy of his face. That is why it is always best to reach an optimal solution through consultations and remove all doubts. You will also receive all the information about the necessary preoperative preparations.


For the recovery to last as short as possible, it is necessary to follow the MD’s instructions.
It usually takes a month to recover, while the final results and complete withdrawal of the swelling are expected after six months.

Nasal tip plasty is typically performed under general anesthesia, and the patient will not feel anything during surgery.

Complications are rare in the hands of an experienced, certified surgeon.

If you are bothered by the shape of your nasal tip or the flared appearance of your nostrils, then tip rhinoplasty may be the perfect procedure for you.

The results are noticeable after a month. The final results come in six months when the swelling subsides.


The surgery can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Nasal tip plasty generally takes up to 2 hours. Typically, it involves modification of cartilage of the tip of the nose to create the desired outcome. The patient is detained for 24 hours and then referred for home rehabilitation.