Wisdom teeth extraction

pacijent sa impaktiranim umnjakom

By wisdom teeth, ie. number 8 teeth, we consider the last tooth in the jaw on each side. Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure where we surgically remove these teeth, although these teeth can present a problem in some cases.


A wisdom tooth’s growth can be prevented by a bone obstacle or another tooth, and that’s how the patient can get that unpleasant feeling or even pain. By pushing the neighboring tooth out of the way, wisdom teeth can lead to defects in tooth roots as well as defects in the layout of your jaw. If they’ve partially sprouted, food can get in between them and the gingiva (gums), which can lead to bacterial accumulation, which, in turn, leads to inflammation and pain, while the dental bone retracts and the gap between your gums and your teeth deepens.


The procedure itself averagely lasts about 30 minutes. An incision is made on the gums close to the tooth in question, after which the bone around it is removed in order to free the tooth and enable its extraction. Finally, the wound is thoroughly rinsed with antibiotics and sewed shut with resorptive string, which will disappear in time, so you won’t have to come in to have your stitches removed.


Wisdom tooth extraction is an absolutely painless intervention. It is performed under local anesthesia. When it comes to nervous patients, or those overly afraid of dental interventions, we can apply anaglosedation, during which the patient will be in a dreamlike state. We won’t start the intervention until the patient is completely and absolutely comfortable.

After the wisdom tooth extraction

In most cases the post-operational period will go by more or less comfortably.
An injection of corticosteroids is applied immediately after the intervention to prevent any swelling. The patient will receive a cooling gel and detailed instructions of what they should do after the surgery.
Considering the bone is being operated on, antibiotics are always prescribed. Painkillers can also be used in cases where the patient is suffering pain.