Tooth extraction

vađenje zuba

Tooth extraction is removing the tooth from its bone socket, ie. the jaw. This is the last option we only resort to when there are no other, better solutions to keep the tooth. There are many reasons why you might need to have your tooth extracted.

More about tooth extraction

Reasons for a tooth extraction

There are many reasons why you might need to have your tooth taken out and some of them might be advanced tooth decay, the process on top of the root exceeds the possibility of curing it. Reasons might also be orthodontic when there’s not enough room in the jaw for all of the teeth. Teeth impacted by this, most commonly wisdom teeth, are extracted because they’re either pushing or endangering other teeth, or because they’re getting painfully inflamed.

Pain after a tooth extraction

Moderate pain after a regular tooth extraction is a normal occurrence. In situations like this analgesics (Ibuprofen, Nimulid) are of great help. The patient should avoid analgesics that have acetylsalicylic acid because they can increase hemorrhage. In case there’s strong pain, it is most likely because of alveolar osteitis, ie. an infection of the extraction wound. This is a minor complication, but it’s still necessary to notify your dentist for rehabilitation.

Hemorrhage after a tooth extraction

After a tooth is extracted, the bleeding should cease after 10 to 15 minutes. In case the patient is undergoing severe anticoagulation therapy (medication against blood clotting), it is required to conduct specific laboratory analysis and consult with the doctor who prescribed the therapy about a possible correction and in order to prevent prolonged bleeding.

Rinsing out the would after a tooth extraction – NO

The role of the clotted blood in an empty tooth socket is to protect the wound from infection. Rinsing the blood out of the wound can lead to bacterial penetration and alveolar osteitis. The wound should never be rinsed after a tooth extraction.

How long does it take for the wound to heal after the tooth is extracted?

The healing process usually lasts for about 2 weeks after the tooth is taken out. At a certain point, a whitish layer will appear. This is fibrin, which is a completely normal and expected occurrence and not puss as many people think.

Eat chilled food

24 hours after the extraction, it is necessary to eat chilled and cold food. Consuming hot foods is absolutely forbidden. Ice cream is always a great choice!