Teeth whitening

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There are different factors that can cause teeth to lose their brightness as well as various ways we can restore their natural shade or make them even whiter than natural teeth.

Teeth whitening consists of removing various discolorations (pigments) that make your teeth darker. whitening your teeth will make them brighter by a few shades, and in some cases make them completely white, depending on the patient’s wishes.

Why do teeth turn darker?

There are various factors that can make teeth turn darker over time. Some of these factors are external (such as tea, coffee, cigarettes and so on). These create pigmentation on the surface of the tooth itself. You can battle this pigmentation with regular dental hygiene or by having a dentist remove tartar and plaque from the surface of the tooth.
Internal factors consist of discoloration which is built into the dental substance. Teeth can turn darker as a consequence of medicine use, diseases from the patient’s childhood, infections, trauma or age. All of these factors can be remedied with professional teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening at the Dental Oral Center

Clinical teeth whitening consists of applying a gel onto their service. The gel is then activated by using a special UV lamp. At the Dental Oral Center, we use the White Light Flash lamp which doesn’t heat or damage teeth. This procedure is 100% safe. Whitening your teeth in this way can make them 2 to even 6 times brighter. The procedure itself lasts about 1 hour. Clinical whitening can also be combined with home whitening for an even better effect. Home teeth whitening consists of applying special foils to your teeth. These foils are made individually for each patient based on their tooth impression. We then apply the special whitening gel to the foils. Depending on the patient’s wishes, the dentist can recommend a gel for nighttime or daytime use. By using this method, the teeth are whitened gradually. The patient can control the color of their teeth themselves and they can decide when they want to cease the whitening process. It usually takes 3 weeks to achieve the desired effect.


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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with White Light Flash lamp.

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