Metal and ceramic crowns

Metal and ceramic crowns have a metal foundation to which ceramics is applied, in the color of natural teeth. Because of their metal foundation, they conduct less light, which makes them aesthetically inferior to metal-free crowns. They’re mostly outdated and are only installed in cases when it’s absolutely necessary.

In the following examples you can see the difference between metal and ceramic and metal-free crowns.

An example of replacement of a metal and ceramic crowns with metal-free ones.

The patient came in because of the unpleasant appearance of the metal and ceramic compensations which are definitely not an ideal aesthetic solution when it comes to teeth. She was dissatisfied because of gingival discoloration as well as the inadequate fit of her crowns. The goal of the treatment, which was of the aesthetic nature, was unfulfilled and time was lost. We replaced the metal and ceramic with metal-free crowns and completely restored the impression her beautiful smile leaves.

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