General dentistry

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By visiting your dentist regularly, you can prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases. At our clinic @dentaloralcenter, you can schedule an appointment and free consultations completely free and without pain! Schedule your appointment today!

General dentistry services

Tooth repair

By repairing your teeth you’re compensating for the part of the damaged tooth, whether it was tooth decay or something that led to the damage. You can see dental repair prices at Dental Oral Center by clicking HERE.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is by far the most common cause of damaged teeth and requires conservative repair and, often enough, tooth treatment as well. It is created as a byproduct of sugar metabolism by bacteria-acids. Acids that the bacteria create actually lead to tooth decay and cavities.

Tooth treatment

Tooth treatment is the application of various medications to the tooth, in order to bring it to a state where repair can be done or adequate augmentation set. Tooth treatment encompasses setting the medication with the aim of treating deep cavities, and if tooth decay gets into the dental pulp chamber and nerve inflammation occurs, tooth treatment implies endodontics.

Materials used in teeth repair

There are many different materials used when restoring a missing part of a tooth. Some of them are used for foundation, and these are used for different types of dental cement. Others are used for augmenting the outer layer of the tooth as well as for various composite materials, amalgams and, as the best solution, ceramic inlays.
Composite materials come in different shapes that mimic the natural color of teeth so, in the hands of an expert dentist, a tooth can look like nothing was done to it!
Glass-ionomer cements are also used for teeth for teeth repair.

Root canal treatment

With advanced tooth decay, there’s a possibility of the inflammation of the tooth’s nerve. Find out more about treating the root canal by clicking HERE.

Removing tartar

Removing tartar is essential in preventing periodontal disease. It is done by ultrasound. At the Dental Oral Center, you have a discount on tartar removal procedure every Saturday.Contact us for more information.

Chipped or damaged teeth

At the Dental Oral Center we offer the most modern dental aesthetics solutions: metal-free and zirconium crowns, veneers, braces and teeth whitening. Learn more about these treatments by clicking HERE.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the least invasive dental procedure. It’s especially popular among the younger population. For more information about the process, click HERE.