Dental Tourism

Because of the high quality of dental services and very affordable rates, Belgrade is considered among very desirable destinations for dental tourism. This is why people with dental insurance from various parts of the globe have decided to visit the dental polyclinic Dental Oral Center and put their faith in us.

Dental tourism in Belgrade will allow you to enjoy great tourist attractions or socialize with your friends and relatives from all over Serbia, while we create a healthy and beautiful smile for you.

35 years with patients from all over the world

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line dental services in Serbia, provided by experienced and skilled stomatologists, “the masters of their trade” who can make your every wish come true, give you back your confidence and your smile, then you’ve come to the right place, as have many before you.

At Dental Oral Center you will receive all dental services and procedures comfortably, painlessly, with high professionalism, for rates much lower than elsewhere, and with the appropriate long standing guarantee on the work you’ve had done as well as the materials used.

How does dental tourism work?

Free counseling and scheduling an appointment

The first step is/would be to email us a panoramic digital scan of your jaw (orthopantomograph). After a detailed analysis, we will send you a therapy suggestion as well as different therapy options (if there are more than one). In the email, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the whole procedure, the necessary interventions, their duration, how many appointments you’ll need and over what period of time, as well as the price of the complete treatment.

For foreign citizens with health insurance that covers dental services, we issue bills for rendered dental services you can use to get a reimbursement from your health insurance. We also issue medical reports to excuse you from your job during the procedure.

Enjoy your vacation in Belgrade

Belgrade is an ideal city for historical sightseeing, relaxation, rest and nightlife. You can find more tourist information about Belgrade on the Belgrade Tourist Organization website.

Returning home with the prettiest smile

Return home healthy, rested and satisfied with your new smile. You’ll get a guarantee on the dental work you’ve had done. We will take care of you even after the treatment, by suggesting or scheduling regular annual check ups.