Crowns on implants

okuzalna bezmetalna srafljena kruna na implantatu

Dental crowns on implants aren’t much different than the ones that are affixed to the tooth surface. As far as their type is concerned, they can be metal-free, zirconium or metal and ceramic crowns. However, the choice of the link between implants and crowns can significantly affect the longevity of the crown.

At the Dental Oral Center, we opt for (occlusal) screw-retained crowns. These crowns are affixed to the implant by micro screws. This type of dental crowns has a couple of advantages. The first one is that we don’t use dental cement. When crowns are cemented, no matter how skilled the dentist is, or how hard he tries, a small portion of cement around the implant always remains, and this can cause an inflammation which might go unnoticed. This can have a negative effect on your implants’ longevity.

Occlusal screw-retained crowns on your implants allow the dentist to remove and return them on every checkup. In this way, the dentist has a direct insight into the condition of your soft tissue as well as the condition of the bone around the implant. This is done so that, in undesirable situations, the dentist can conduct the necessary therapy.

Cemented crowns, on the other hand, are impossible to remove and return to their place. They are permanently fixed to their carriers (abutment). With cemented crowns, a checkup is carried out by a probe, so the dentist has no direct insight in the tissue around the implant and therefore cannot be 100% certain about their condition.