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How to reach our clinic

Via car​

The simplest and easiest way to reach the Dental Oral Center is by car. Linked below is the closest route from the airport to our clinic.

How to reach our clinic from the Belgrade Airport

How to reach our clinic from the Main Bus Station in Belgrade

Via public transportation​

If you wish to reach us by public transportation, the 3 tram stops close to our clinic. Linked below are ways to reach us, and by clicking the link of the map you can see the map of Belgrade’s public transportation.

The map of Belgrade’s public transportation

Via Taxi

We recommend Naxis taxi. You can contact them in Serbian as well as English by calling

  • Nazovite 19804 ili ukucajte *TAXI što znači *8294
  • Pošaljite tweet na@NaxisTaxi kao na ovom primeru: Prilikom slanja tweet-a možete zahtevati jedno ili više vozila, recite im vašu lokaciju. Taxi će se pojaviti za par minuta.
  • Koristie viber? Pošaljite im poruku na +38163581111
  • Naručite taxi preko Iphone ili Android aplikacija

Be careful. As in any large city, taxi drivers can try to cheat you. Always ask for a bill, take a photo of the vehicle and the plates, and if you face any unpleasantries call the municipal police : +381 11 309 00 07

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