CAD-CAM Metal-free crowns in a single day

We can make the crowns in just one day, or even in just a few hours thanks to SIRONA CAD-CAM system.


CAD-CAM crowns and other dental compensations (inlays, onlays) fit perfectly on the carrier tooth or the implant, and together with it, they make a unit without any gaps, rough edges or transitions, which makes them perfect replicas of natural teeth.

CAD-CAM system enables us to upload a 3D model on your jaw imprint to a computer and model your crowns on the computer itself. The crowns themselves are constructed on a micro-lathe machine which guarantees the highest degree of precision.

With these crowns there’s no chance of food retention, there are zero irritation factors and keeping proper oral hygiene is incredibly easy. The result is a long-term and functional dental augmentation, completely comfortable for the patient.


To ensure our patients will be completely satisfied with their new smile, we’ve considered various types of metal-free ceramics and decided on Ivoclar E-MAX metal-free ceramics, lithium disilicate based, with unsurpassed aesthetic and physical properties.