All On 4 implants

The advantages of the All on 4 process:

  • You don’t have to wait for 3 months after the implant installation
  • You get your teeth (crowns) right away
  • Lower procedure costs
  • No braces

The All on 4 concept was introduced 20 years ago by Prof. Paulo Malo at his Malo clinic, only to patent it later on in cooperation with Nobel Biocare, a leading manufacturer providing scientifically proven implant solutions with a lifetime warranty.

You can get the answers to the following questions on this video:

  • What is the All on 4 implant installation technique?
  • Why is it a great replacement for full braces?
  • Who is the All on 4 technique for?
  • What is the cost of the All on 4 technique?
  • How much will you save compared to the classic implant installation?
  • How long does the procedure last?
  • Is the All on 4 a painless technique or does the patient require sedation?

Why opt for the All on 4 process of implant installation?

Lower costs

The All on 4 systems requires only 4 implants to be installed. Systems All on 6 and All on 8 require 6, that is 8. The fewer the implants the fewer the costs.
With the All on 4 system, 2 side implants are installed at an angle. This allows us to place specially designed NobelSpeedy Implants. They can withstand a heavier load, that is, more crowns.
New teeth on the All on 4 system can (of the conditions are right) cost only a couple of hundred euros.
For more information, take a look at our price list

Get your teeth on the same day

The All on 4 system of implant installation allows the patient to have a permanent or a temporary hybrid dentures installed on the same day. (hybrid dentures are fixed prosthetic braces consisting of crowns and gingiva pink ceramics which imitate flesh).
The hybrid dentures themselves are made before the implantological intervention so that it’s already at the clinic when you show up for the installation. After the surgical part of the therapy is finished, the prosthetic part follows.

It demands a smaller part of the bone

With All on 4 technique, the contact surface between the side implant and the jaw bone is larger. The bone of the jaw is utilized in a better way and the need for augmentation is reduced to a minimum. The All on 4 technique allows us to avoid expensive and complex augmentation methods such as the sinus lift.
With methods that require installing 6 or 8 implants, it happens that in some places there isn’t enough available bone to install all the implants, so it needs to be grafted to a degree.

Just one surgical intervention

Only one surgical intervention is conducted. Within 24 hours you’ll get new permanent teeth.

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Step by step

  1. 3D jaw scan (CBCT)
  2. Analyzing the scan and planning the therapy – our professional team will analyze your jaw scan and create a therapy plan specifically for you!
  3. Therapy plan and free consultations
  4. Installing the implant – implant installation follows
  5. In case we reach valid primary stability of the implant, we can make a temporary dental crown the same or the following day.
  6. You can get all of this and more at very affordable rates at the Dental Oral Center.

In case you have any questions or need further clarification of the process, we are at your disposal!

pacijent pre i posle ugradnje zubnim implanata