What if the conditions arent’t ideal for implant placement? Are you relly sentenced to dentures?

Oftentimes, the conditions for implant placement aren’t ideal and, as a result, patients are denied the implant therapy they were hoping for and are left with another kind of solution, i.e. dentures. Does it really have to be that way? What are the true limits of modern implant dentistry? And are ideal conditions mandatory for implant placement?


Of course it is preferred to have enough bone in all projections, so that we can place an implant elegantly, without a lot of fuss, in 10 minutes. But what to do when the conditions aren’t met? Is the patient truly sentenced to dentures in such cases? Of course not!!! Implant dentistry has advanced so far that if both therapist and patient are willing, most problematic situations can be overcome. Even the most extreme bone loss can be solved with the appropriate surgical techniques.

For some smaller bone crest deficiencies, there are various types of artificial bone available, which can be mixed with PRP (growth factors) in combination with various kinds of membranes. Instead of artificial bone, we can also use bone taken from the patient’s chin, for example. When the bone loss is more significant, the problem can be overcome with autologous bone grafts, which means that bone harvested from other parts of the body (chin, ramus of the mandible, rib, hip) are grafted into the region of the implant placement.

The sinus lift method consists of lifting the sinus membrane and inserting bone graft under it, which increases the bone crest at the expense of the size of the sinus. Today, there are several sinus lift techniques available. All of the methods mentioned above can be combined in the aim of achieving the best possible result.

Do not rush into dentures… ask those who know!!!

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