Ice cream is the way to go
For the next 24 hours, only eat cooled food, certainly not hot.
Pain following tooth extraction
Moderate pain following tooth removal is normal. In such situations, analgesics can be of help (Brufen, Nimulid). Avoid analgesics containing acetylsalicylic acids because they increase bleeding.
Severe pain indicates the appearance of alveolar osteitis, i.e. infection of the extraction wound. This is a minor complication but you should still see your dentist in order to take care of the problem.
Bleeding following tooth extraction
Once the tooth is removed, the bleeding should stop after 10 to 15 minutes. If the patient is taking strong anticoagulants (medication against blood clots), prior to extracting the tooth certain laboratory analyses have to be done and the doctor who prescribed the therapy should be consulted for any corrections and to prevent possible prolonged bleeding.
Rinsing out the wound following tooth extraction – NO
The role of clotting blood in the empty tooth socket is to protect the wound from infection. Washing out the blood from the wound allows bacteria to penetrate, resulting in alveolar osteitis. The wound should never be rinsed after tooth extraction.
How long does it take the wound to heal following tooth extraction?
The extraction wound usually heals within 2 weeks. At some point, a white coating appears, which indicates the appearance of fibrins. This is normal and expected and does not indicate pus, as many seem to think.

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