The Dental Oral Center is known as the office that is constantly introducing new technology with the aim of providing our patients with the fastest and highest quality of service all at one location.

Another innovation in our office is the Reciproc Gold root canal instrument. This piece of high technology has the ability to automatically determine the length of the root canal during the mechanical expanding process. During endodontic treatment (treating the tooth root and nerve and removing the nerve), in addition to many other important things, it correctly determines the length of the root and finally the filling of the canal up to that precisely determined length, which is very important to prevent bone injury. While mechanically expanding the canal, Reciproc Gold stops automatically when the instrument reaches the ideal length.

Reciproc is a standardized German product, which means that the canal expansion needles fit ideally with the standard gutta-percha (filling material).

Reciproc Gold saves patients’ time. The complete treatment of a triple root tooth with canal filling can now be finished much faster than when canal expansion used to be done manually.

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