So, your perfectly shiny, youthful smile is ruined by a single tooth in a visible area of your smile. Let’s say that your fourth tooth in the upper left jaw is in such bad shape that it should be removed, i.e. tooth extraction . You would rather not file down your perfectly shiny canine, it would be a shame to destroy a healthy tooth, and the fifth tooth, although it is in the back, is still in excellent shape without any pigmentation. The toothbrush is your sister and you simply don’t understand how you could let a single tooth cause such problems. Luckily, someone has considered this and thought of a solution. There is no need to file down healthy teeth, when there are dental implants that can, with the right crown, replace your extracted tooth so faithfully that the difference will be unnoticeable. There is not much difference financially either. A three-unit non-metal ceramic bridge would cost about 780 EUR, whereas the price of an implant, with a non-metal abutment and non-metal crown, starts at 900 EUR. Not much of a price to pay, you have to admit, considering that you are preserving two healthy and esthetically pleasing teeth.

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