Tooth extraction entails its removal from the jawbone and oral cavity.

There can be several reasons for tooth removal, usually it is because of caries and periodontal disease. Sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted for orthodontic reasons, commonly found in children. Impacted teeth, usually wisdom teeth, are removed because they push forward other teeth, endanger other teeth or because they cause painful inflammation.
The removal of certain teeth is a simple intervention that only takes a few minutes, whereas in some cases, when the tooth is too damaged or in an anatomically unfavorable position, extraction can take longer. When the tooth is impacted, i.e. positioned inside the bone, or when there is a physical obstacle, oral surgery is required in order to extract it.

Uklanjenje nekih zuba je jednostavna intervencija od samo nekoliko minuta dok je u nekim slučajevima kada je zub suviše oštećen ili anatomski u nepovoljnom položaju vađenje može trajati i duže. U slučaju kada je zub impaktiran tj. zaglavljen u kosti ili postoji neka fizička prepreka potrebna je oralno hiruška intervencija kako bi se on izvadio.


To avoid complications, the patient needs to adhere to a few simple rules.

Recovery following tooth extraction is usually complication and pain free. Nonetheless, to avoid complications, the patient has to adhere to a few simple rules. When non-surgical, i.e. regular removal is concerned, the patient should refrain from eating hot food for 24 hours, or rinsing the wound (rinsing the wound rinses out the blood clot protecting the wound from infection, like a kind of stopper, leading to painful inflammation of the dental alveoli). The dentist will recommend analgesics for any possible pain. In case of surgical extraction, the wound must also be cooled as recommended by the oral surgeon.



Complications may arise following tooth extraction.


If the tip of the tooth root enters into the maxillary sinus or an infection from the tip of the root penetrates the sinus floor, oroantral communication could occur. That is why, following every tooth extraction in the side region, dentists require the patient to blow their nose while keeping their mouth open. This rare but possible complication is easily solved by hyper plastic sinus lining, which is performed immediately following extraction.

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