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For over 30 years, a satisfied patient has been our imperative in the operation of the entire staff at the Dental Oral Center. Our vast experience with patients from the entire world and the technology and materials we use allow us to provide our patients with excellent guarantees for our work and the material used. For example, companies Nobel Biocare, Zimmer and Broneman, whose implants we use, provide a lifetime guarantee for their titanium implants. We offer our clients world-class dental services. That is why we stand by our work and guarantee it completely.


Fillings – 1 year

Crowns – 5 years

Dentures – 5 years

Implants – 10 years

Guarantee Conditions for Crowns and Dentures

In order to last as long as possible, every prosthesis requires the teeth and surrounding tissue holding it to be maintained in excellent condition. Poor oral hygiene and calculus buildup compromise the prosthesis and shorten its lifespan. Since the average lifespan of a prosthesis is 7 to 10 years, it is important to maintain the teeth that carry it. Poor hygiene compromises carrier teeth, causing them to be unsuitable for further treatment.
For these reasons, the guarantee condition for dentures and crowns at the Dental Oral Center is three annual checkups.

prvoklasni materijali

Implant Guarantees

The patient receives two guarantees for implants. The first is a guarantee for the material, provided by the manufacturer, which is a lifetime guarantee when it comes to premium tooth implants. The second is a ten-year guarantee, issued by the office, for our work. If a reinstallation is required within the first 10 years, the patient is exempt from paying for the implants.

Guarantee conditions for implants

For the implants and the work done on them to last, they have to be maintained well. Otherwise, the tissue surrounding the implant is doomed to deteriorate, resulting in the deterioration of the dental implant itself. In order for the patient to gain the right to a guarantee, the condition is three annual checkups, regulated by the implant manufacturer, who provides a lifetime guarantee. We will remind you of your checkups.
We emphasize that the lifespan of any work done doesn’t depend solely on the factors stated above, but also on the method of maintaining teeth and gum hygiene. As long as you follow the dentist’s instructions, the work we do can last three times or even ten times as long. For example, an inlay or onlay filling, which is the most long-term solution when fillings are concerned, can be retained in its place for twenty or thirty years. Its longevity depends not only on the materials used but also on the dentist’s skills.

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