krunice na srafljenje


In addition to crowns that are fixed on abutment implants with various types of cement, there are also those that are fixed by special screws. When the right indication exists for the described type of crown, the benefits of screw retention are numerous.

The lack of cement removes an important irritation factor for surrounding tissue, thus eliminating an important factor in the appearance of peri-implantitis, i.e. the main cause of implant los

Cemented crowns aren’t easily removed. They usually have to be cut and hammered out after which they are useless and all that leads to implant trauma. On the other hand, screw-retained crowns are removed and returned in just a few minutes without causing any trauma to the crown or implant. Crown removal at regular checkups enables much better insight into the implant itself and the surrounding tissue, as well as more professional maintenance, which is one of the key factors for the long-term survival of the implants themselves.

krunice na srafljenje 2
krunice na srafljenje

When the time comes to replace crowns, old crowns can easily be removed without the fear of causing trauma to the implant and surrounding tissue, which occurs when cemented crowns are removed (by cutting and hammering).

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