PRP improves bone regeneration and surgical wound healing. It helps with implanting, oral surgery and periodontal therapy.

PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) is a fraction of blood, rich in concentrated growth factors and other useful elements. It is obtained by centrifuging blood, taken from the patient, without the addition of any chemical substances. This means that what is taken from the body is returned to the body.

PRP can be combined with artificial bone, it can be applied independently or in the form of a membrane. At the point of application, it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels and the influx of oxygen and nutrients, thus contributing to better tissue regeneration and wound healing.

During periodontal interventions, implanting and oral surgery, it is combined with artificial bone and, thanks to the mentioned characteristics, it stimulates bone regeneration. PRP protects the wound after tooth removal. It also affects stem cell function and contributes to better bone and soft tissue regeneration.

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