Alpha bio dental implant + abatment

od 320 eur

Zimmer dental mplantat + abatment

450 eur

Nobel BioCare dental implantat + abatment

550 eur

Dental filing 25 to 27 eur
Retroalveolar x-ray 5  eur
Panoramic x-ray 9 eur
Dental medication 14 do 20 eur
Calculus removal and teeth polishing 25 eur
Root canal treatment from 70 eur
Ceramic fused to metal 120 eur
Ceramic fused to metal on implant 150 eur
Zirconium crowns od 230 eur
Zirconium crowns on implant od 270 eur
Full porcelain crowns od 260 eur
Full porcelain crowns on implant od 290 eur
Root apex resection 120 eur
Extraction of wisdom tooth 120 eur
Open flap surgery per tooth 40 eur
Artificial bone from 20 eur

The pricelist provides the prices of only individual services, i.e. those mostly required by the clients.

Please, have in mind that the calculation of expenses of larger dental works is complex, and that it requires at least an insight into Orthopan x-ray, and in order to make definite plan of the therapy, examination is necessary. When patient calculates expenses of larger works, it often leads to the fact that patients finally find out unreal high costs. Therefore, it is the best to contact us and we will make plan for the therapy for you, free of charge and without any obligations.

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