Metal ceramic crowns have a metal base onto which the natural tooth-colored ceramic is added. Their metal base prevents them from letting light through, making them esthetically inferior to zirconium and non-metal crowns.


A good dental technician can achieve a satisfactory esthetic effect with metal ceramic crowns, however, it doesn’t even come close to the effect achieved with zirconium or non-metal crowns. The metal base of these crowns prevents them from carrying light like natural teeth do, unlike non-metal and zirconium crowns, which negatively affects their esthetic appearance.


Firstly, the carrier tooth is filed down, removing “excess” tooth substance, i.e. reshaping it into the crown carrier. Next, temporary crowns are placed on the filed-down teeth and an imprint is sent to the dental lab to create the metal bases. After a few days, the metal base is tested in the patient’s mouth and then returned to the dental assistant to add the ceramics, which completes the metal ceramic crown.

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