Impacted teeth are “stuck” for some reason, preventing them from growing normally.

Impacted teeth are prevented from emerging because of an obstacle or because they have lost the potential to grow. Upper and lower wisdom teeth are usually impacted, as well as the cuspids, but it can also occur in other teeth. When wisdom teeth grow abnormally, i.e. at an angle, they put pressure on other teeth, causing them to shift. If the tooth has grown partially and is visible in the mouth, painful inflammation (periocoronitis) could arise in the place between the partially grown tooth and the gums, as a result of food deposits.


Interventions are performed under local anesthesia and are absolutely painless.

Interventions are performed under local anesthesia and a absolutely painless. It entails lifting the soft tissue and removing part of the bone to access the impacted tooth and remove it. After the completed intervention, the patient is given advice regarding postoperative recovery and antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed.
Following an intervention, low or moderate swelling is possible, so a corticosteroid injection is given to prevent or reduce swelling.

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