Fixing teeth could be defined as one of a series of conservative procedures in the aim of compensating for a lost part of a tooth, whether caused by caries or something else.


Caries is definitely the most common cause of damaged teeth, which requires conservative repair and often treatment of the teeth. It occurs as a result of the final product of metabolized sugar and bacteria – acid. The acid produced by bacteria actually lead to tooth decay and dental caries.


Treatment of teeth implies the application of various medicines to the teeth to bring them to a state where it can be safely repaired, or so that an adequate augmentation can be set. Teeth are treated by applying medicine in the aim of treating deep caries and, if the caries penetrates to the pulp chamber and nerve inflammation appears, tooth treatment implies endodontics.


There are different materials used in the aim of restoring a lost part of a tooth. Some are used as a base and they are different types of cement. Others are for augmenting the external part of the tooth, and various composite materials are used, amalgams and ceramic inlays as the best solutions. Composite materials come in different colors that imitate the natural color of the tooth, so that in the hands of a skilled dentist, the tooth can look like nothing was even done to it. Certain glass-ionomer cements can also be used for restoration.

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