If you wish for your crowns to look like natural teeth, non-metal lithium disilicate crowns are the right choice for you. This material owes its ideal aesthetic characteristics to its translucency (power of material to let light) which is very close to that of natural teeth. In addition, it possesses great resilience to the chewing forces, thus it can be used safely in the side region. When the non-metal crown of lithium disilicate is bound to the abutment by special cements in the colour of natural teeth, you get the smile you always wanted, which can last for more than 20 years if handled appropriately.


If you decide to visit us, on the first examination, we will establish whether you are a proper candidate for dental crowns. If you are a candidate, we will create a detailed and clear plan of therapy for you. If you decide to give us your trust, if necessary, we will first make the necessary preparations on your teeth or immediately move to the preparation of teeth for crowns. When we prepare your teeth for non-metal crowns, we will take a print and send it to dental technology department which will deliver a new smile for you in a couple of days. We will together consider the colour and shape of your new teeth to the tiniest detail. If you believe a certain colour or type of crown would be more suitable, we will fulfil all your requests and make the necessary corrections, so that you can leave our clinic happy.


We will make a complete crown for you in only one hour, and in one business day it is possible to reconstruct the entire smile using CAD-CAM technology. Upon the necessary preparation of your teeth that will hold the crowns, they are scanned using a 3D scanner and then the crowns are modelled on a computer. Upon completed modelling, modelling of crown is commenced from a ceramic block of Ivolar E-max ceramics which guarantees full pleasure for both us and our clients. When the crown is completed, our technician adds different colour shades and makes your crown look like a natural tooth.


Metal ceramic crowns are the most often used crowns nowadays. If they are made according to all professional guidelines, they provide excellent aesthetic and functional results. Still, on the front teeth, due to better transparency and aesthetic value, non-metal crowns are recommended. In some situations, due to gap size between teeth, in creation of dental bridge, zirconium non-metal work is recommended due to better mechanical properties. Combinations of this works are common when working on a large number of teeth, so as to reduce financial costs for the patient. Agreement with your doctor will give the best possible result.

All dental prosthetic works in Dental Oral Centre have a 10-year guarantee This basically means that the work will be replaced in the event of any issue with the prosthetic work. The guarantee is enabled primarily due to highly-professional work and selection of the best materials.
It is important to know that all guarantees, including this one, are not unconditional. In order to ensure warranty period, the patient must pay special attention to the hygiene of teeth and mouth upon doctor’s recommendation, come to regular examinations, which is two times a year, and not expose the prosthetic work to inappropriate physical and chemical influences.



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