Endodontics is a dental specialty that deals with diseases of the root canal content, i.e. the tooth pulp. Tooth pulp can become inflamed for various reasons, one of them being dental caries. When bacteria and its toxins penetrate the pulp chamber, it becomes inflamed, which is referred to as pulpitis. The further effects of bacteria and their toxins blocks the tooth from the blood supply and the pulp in the root canal starts to die, resulting in gangrene. Bacteria can also penetrate the jawbone, through the tip of the tooth root (the apex), resulting in a process in the root tip.

Trauma, for example a blow to the face, can cause a break in the supply of nutrients to the tooth pulp (root canal content), which leads to its gradual dying away. This process often stays hidden so that such a cist is only noticed when it reaches significant proportions or during a routine x-ray. If the infection penetrates during trauma, gangrene occurs.


When toxins from bacteria penetrate through the tip of the tooth root into the jawbone a process occurs. Conservative, non-surgical treatment of such processes is possible by applying medication through the tooth canal into the dental bone, through the root tip. Nonetheless, there are situations when such therapy cannot yield results, so that after conducting the endodontic procedure, a short oral surgery procedure called apicoectomy has to be done to remove the process.


Root canal preparation, i.e. nerve removal, is a procedure that often requires patience and longer stretches in the dental chair. That is why we’ve tried to provide our clients with the most comfortable and fast treatment without endangering quality.

When treating root canals, quality preparation is important, which patients usually associate with the work process, i.e. scraping with various needles. The tooth has to be expanded to a precisely determined limit and then precisely and definitely filled in up to that limit.

The Reciproc endo motor, with the built in apex locator, allows us to expand the canal and prepare it in less than 10 minutes, by using a single motor expander in just a few moves. Its built in apex locator signals when we’ve reached the required length for filling the canal and stops the motor expander.


Root canal treatment, also called nerve removal, requires precision. The root canal has to be treated along its entire length up to the tip. A poorly cleaned tooth, insufficiently or excessively filled, in cases when the endodontic needle forces the tip of the root, can later cause problems. The instrument called the apex locator determines the location of the tip of the tooth root. Its display shows the dentist how far the right spot is.

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