Apicoectomy or resection is the removal of a process from the bone around the tip of the tooth root.

Apicoectomy/resection is a surgical procedure during which a process in the bone, above the tip of the tooth root, resulting from root canal infection, is removed. When infection penetrates the bone, a granuloma, i.e. inflammation of the root tubules occurs.

Soon after its appearance, the process on the tooth can, in some cases, cause acute symptoms in the form of strong pain and swelling. However, in some cases, the process can develop slowly, grow into a cist and become enlarged before it is noticed.


An apicoectomy is a short procedure that yields good results.

Before conducting this type of dental operation, complete endodontic therapy has to be performed on the tooth, i.e. the infection must be removed from the root canal in order to prevent a relapse. If endodontic therapy didn’t precede apicoectomy, the bacteria would re-penetrate from the infected root canal, and the process would begin again.

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